Some people are skeptical on what a real estate agent has to offer in a property business. They often think a real estate agent have very little or nothing to offer in the deal. It’s an understandable reaction. The job of a real estate agent can appear to be a very turf one to spell out, as this is based on the input of the real estate agent in any transaction. What gives the clear definition of a real estate agent is the level of satisfaction you get at the end of the business deal. There is middle score, they either earn an A or an F on their closing report card; there is rarely a middle/average score on performance in this business.

To tell you the truth, as a buyer and seller, you can manage very well on your own. That is not to say that an A-rated agent doesn’t bring added value to the transaction, but for some consumers, an agent is not always completely necessary. It depends how much value you want to make out that property deal. Generally you gain more value working with an agent. Here is how you can tell.

Why Do You Need a Listing Agent to Sell a Property?

Anybody can really do away with a real estate agent. Sellers can find their own buyers. But the bottom line is the real estate agent help the seller create the following:

  • In super hot seller markets, almost anybody can stick a sign in the yard and attract offers. That’s because buyers are falling all over themselves to buy and waving earnest money deposits in the air. Have you extensive experience handling multiple offers yourself? Can you handle the legal tussle should any arise? Do you know how to extract more money from buyers? Will you get through the home inspection? Will you close?
  • In buyer’s markets, there are fewer buyers, which make an agent’s services worth even more.
  • More than 83% of buyers purchase a home through a real estate agent. If you don’t hire an agent, you could be losing exposure to 83% of the buying population.
  • These populations of over 83% enjoy a safe heaven or a level of security doing business through a real estate agent.
  • The real estate agent already has an established client list and contacts.
  • To cut out the stress of always taking interested buyers to the property.

Listing Agents Can Bring Added-Value to a Transaction

Like every other business deals, what opens up the interest of the buyer is the amount of information they can get about the said property and the professionalism of the agent; and this are qualities you can’t easily posses unless you a course on property marketing or you routinely attend every open house in your neighborhood, you may not possess intimate information about the interiors of your neighbor’s homes nor know why some sold for higher prices than others. Experienced agents have this knowledge and use it to position your home to sell at the highest possible price. Also a real estate agent can use other environmental factors to sell the property which you may not be able to use to the advantage of your property. The seller’s agent also makes available valid information about the property.

Here is a list of services most listing agents offer to sellers:

  • Top-notch marketing materials and proven selling systems.
  • Professional virtual tours and photography.
  • Wide internet exposure.
  • Promotion at company meetings.
  • Networking with fellow real estate agents.
  • Price guidance according to market data and recent sales.
  • Home stagers, inspector and repair contractor referrals.
  • Confirmation of potential buyer qualifications.
  • Counter offer and negotiation expertise, especially with multiple offers.
  • Guidance to get past the home inspection without making repairs



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